Do persian women dating white guys

13-Mar-2020 15:03

And if nothing happened, you best believe he’ll lie so that something sure as hell “happened”. Amal Mohammadi, ladies, he’s single and won’t rat you out to your parents when you break up! But the typical Afghan, and I would go as far as saying Middle Eastern, Muslim man does not go for an ambitious or social woman.Their power is threatened, and their idea of a “good Afghan woman” is challenged.The boys grow up as misogynists and with superiority complexes because our women are allowing it. My aunts dutifully and eagerly make plates of food for these girls, making sure they’re accommodated for and feel welcomed – our Persian cousins call this “duduul-tala”, or, the golden penis, the son that can do no wrong. Two of my cousins were expecting babies out of wedlock at the same time.It’s ok if Bilal had a Mexican girlfriend, but if Bilal’s sister Meena gets caught sitting with one, she’s dead. My guy cousin who got a non-Afghan pregnant got a baby shower. Am I asking Afghans to ditch their cultural norms of honor so that my sisters and I can swipe right on whomever we please? I have a deep respect and admire that dating is something we cannot openly discuss with our parents; to be honest, even if my parents were super open to it, I wouldn’t want to disrespect them by throwing every guy in their face anyway.

I got exes, but I’m my girls “first”, I can’t look like no chump!

To avoid all this, some Afghan couples are getting engaged or married very early on, without getting to know each other. Do we really care that much what the community thinks, that we’d sacrifice the happiness our daughters could have with a partner that would love, support and respect them? Again, I need to reiterate that this does not extend to all Afghan-American men of my generation.