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Accurate: Performance predictions consistently fall within a narrow range of expected values and don’t vary greatly.

As a licensed pilot and certified flight instructor, I’ve bet my life, and the life of my students and passengers that I know exactly how a given plane will perform under given circumstances: how much runway it will take to take off, fly a specified distance and land at another airport. What inputs it takes to recover from a stall (that’s not a reference to the engine by the way) and spins. Anyone who has flown in a plane is betting the science of flight is a “hard science” with consistent predictable results.

That there are different methods of determining weight is irrelevant to the fact that your weight is a single number, not a different number based on the method used.

So if you in fact weigh 175 lbs, you would not expect one method to give you 50 lbs, another to give 250 and yet another to give you 388 lbs.

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Given all the needed factors (and pilots are required to know them and plan for them before every flight) a pilot can accurately predict the performance of his aircraft so he can determine whether he can safely take off and conduct the flight. The Science and Guesswork of Radiometric Dating The science Age is not a quantity that can be directly measured.If that is the case, it is indicative of a serious problem with the techniques you are using to get the weight.