Elena and damon dating

23-Apr-2020 05:39

stephan is one of those good vampires that doesn't kill people forr blood, he drinks the blood of animals.

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I think they are because do u remember the last episode of season 3 when Alaric killed klaus. Yes she is,cause when she becomes a vampire she mentions that she remembers everything, since one of the highlights of her transition was everything that Damon had compelled her to forget: D (Season 4 episode 1,discussion with Damon) So in addition to that,she also remembers when Damon had revieled his feelings for her.(*that he loves her*) In the first episode of the fourth season when Elena wakes up after the accident Stefan and Damon explain what happened to her and they try to find a way for her to live without turning into a vampire but she ends up having to feed and completes the transformation.

damon said, before I die could I ask u something who would u choose me of Stefan. I wouldn't say Season 4, I'd say the Season 3 Finale towards the end when Elena is at the hospital and Damon barges in asking where she is and Stefan is looking down at Elena's body and his eyes all filled with tears.

Later Damon kisses Elena but she pushes him away and says that she will never love him, and that it will always… Elena is in love with Stefan AND Damon but she wont admit that she loves Damon because Stefan would be hurt. Elena does have feelings for Damon, but i am pretty sure that Elena will stay with stefan because she realized she was turing into Katherine!

vampire diaris is about Elena, a mortal girl, who falls for stephan, a vampire boy.Season 1, Episode 3 The final moments of the Season 5 finale come down to who makes it out alive from the collapsing Other Side. I saw this on a website: Vampire Diaries co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Dating?And their complicated love story continue with Elena, Stefan And Damon. Someone has kept a secret all their life- Meredith (she's a vampire slayer) 2. so then again she might change her mind and stefen might leave.

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One of them is a murderer.(not a vampire or mercy kill)- Elena killed her parents but she didn't mean to 3. - they didn't really say but as of now he's the ambassador to the netherworld 4. although i don't think either of them will be leaving her… In the 20th episode of Season 3, Esther used a spell to bind Elena's life to Alaric so once she died, so would he.But Katherine tells Stefan that she has been drinking a bit of vervain for the…