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31-Oct-2020 08:58

Generic disclaimer: as always people are people and vastly different regardless of MBTI, so everything I said could well be opposite in reality with respect to her and it won’t break any laws of nature.

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These characters are a little scarcer in the world than some other personalities as they make up an estimated three percent of the population.

I have been dating this 21yo female ENTJ and I have a question.

Do you like theorizing or do you just prefer talking about... Maybe it depends on the person or group you are talking to?

But after that, seems like she doesn't that many interest or seems like it. In this case, I truly dunno if it's worth it to keep this going and see what happens Women want emotion dude, not nebulous concepts.

She wants to kiss and have her emotions spiked, and do the things that make her feel good. It's just that I have never dated a woman this fierce and... Plus, she is stunningly gorgeous (me being really superficial here) so I just don't want to drop this before giving it a shot.After like 10-15 seconds she tells me to say something ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I am not bothered by that tho.

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