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A Construct cannot die, it just stops absorbing damage at 25%, and gets worse at absorbing damage as his health drops. The Construct is unable to be healed by normal means - only the Channeler can heal it.

Unlike Beastlord Warders, a Construct does not need to be skilled up.

(thanks Dhalkar for contribution) - Update [Persona]: Added "Sets" button and content for Ao M release.

Appearance sets temporarily inaccessible from the UI.

After you've summoned your construct there will be a Construct tab, which is where you customize your construct's appearance.

The Construct has 6 appearance slots and 4 ability slots. They have no bearing at all on anything you or the pet can do, they are purely cosmetic. The four buttons on the bottom are the passive abilities related to the essences you have captured.

Essences are obtained by using the Channel Essence ability out in the world; it can only be used if you are in combat and the target is under 25% health or of grey difficulty.

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Dissonance is the equivalent of Savagery, in that it's a pool to power your special abilities.Introduced with Tears of Veeshan, the 26th Everquest II class is a bow using, leather wearing, pet commanding, healing Priest class. It is nearly invincible, and even the most devastating attacks will usually render it inoperable. It reduces damage of group mates, which can be parsed.

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