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15-Feb-2020 02:02

When it comes to love and relationships, you want something real, with a person who shares your morals, values and goals.Our site is 100% dedicated to helping Muslim singles in the US find the true love of their life.So at this point, I'm really considering giving up on this whole marriage thing and get escorts every month (mutah). Go to your Masjid and talk to the Imam; usually you can let other people know through him that you are looking to marry and you can meet people that way. Seeing bunch of my friends having unhappy marriages and few already going through divorce, I wonder why people don't go after escorts more often. You know, assuming that mutah marriages aren't haram, how would you even do that? However due to my parents insistence I'll probably marry on my own accord, either they be muslim (preferably) or non muslim . I'm sure he will have access to whatever matchmaking tools necessary to create Muslim couples. If you're anywhere close to being moderately religious, then you should know that "escorts" are Zina and a Kabira (major sin). I work a lot and in my daily routine I don't meet new people. I've got a part time job and due to minimum wages in Australia I can easily afford rudimentary expenses of another person whilst still studying.It’s fairly common for conservative Muslims to be more modest and protective of themselves (emotionally and physically), but very intimate within the bond of marriage.

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