Female medical students dating

15-Aug-2020 12:38

I agree with the above comment that he sounds like an asshole.

What person doesn't have time for his wife but has time for playing with strangers in the Internet?

Big sign of this being his attitude and not about him being a student, is him not appreciating you doing the chores or caring for finances.

Which bit of med school stops him being appreciative?

Life is only going to get busier and more stressful for him He sounds like he IS taking advantage of you.

It's not unreasonable to ask for a date night every month. It's a delicate balance but it's possible.

He'll just kind of come out of nowhere and be like "let's do it." Then he'll mope if I say no.

When I (rarely) say I feel like we get too little time together he will say that we live together, sometimes work out together, sleep in the same bed, and eat dinner together and that's enough.

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We had something like a 90 percent breakup/divorce rate at our school, the ten percent left over being Mormons or older couples (30s).

I'm scared he's going to fail his next test and blame me... He does this often and I can never make it exactly how he envisions. UPDATE #4 I tried talking to him again this morning.

He always has a critique which makes me feel like crap. I said I was worried about him because he has an unhealthy amount of stress and tried to talk to him about getting help. He asked me why I started everything yesterday and I explained that I feel his priorities are out of line.

I told him he's not allowed to spend time doing this when he yells at me for wasting his time. He says he doesn't understand why that matters so much and doesn't see why the previous activities are insufficient. Fair enough, you can be busy with med school, but if he can find time for halo, sports, fantasy football, workouts and friends, but not for chores or doing things with you, then med school is not the reason.

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I'm starting to see the boy he still is, his mother was always keeping up on him and taking care of him. He's very wound up right now, I'm not talking to him until he calms down. If that was the case, no med student or doctor would ever find a partner.

He says he hasn't been getting enough sleep and needs to study constantly or he'll fail.

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