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Instead of helping him look for the keys, she starts flirting with h... Searching for the next hot chick that’s willing to take a ride for some dough. It is a huge house and there is nothing to do, so Autumn seats on the couch, to watch some tv but there is nothing, she keeps bored and decides to play with her beautiful tits...

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A little girl losing her mother, a writer who struggles in every facet of his life and a woman who is afraid of love.

I can relate to some of these characters, and I have friends who are just like some characters in the film.

He discovers a new laid-back lifestyle as he tries to renovate the estate to be sold.

Schedule for a theatrical release on 29 October 2016 in the Netherlands, but the release was canceled because of the bankruptcy of distributor A-Film.

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See more » When Lucy speaks for the first time, her hair is relaxed - an irreversible change to straighten natural Afro hair- but before and after this she has the same natural hair. See more » This film tells the story of a successful writer who loses his wife in a car crash.

After all, with so many apps to juggle, who can blame her?