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09-Sep-2020 17:43

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Tap or click on any word to see what it means, learn how to use it, hear it pronounced and more.

For example, if you tap on the word “brought,” then you see this: You can learn any video’s vocabulary with Fluent U’s fun quizzes.

First are the chatbots created especially for language learners. Second are the authentic chatbots that native speakers use for a variety of tasks.

These will help you practice using English in real-world situations.

For now, we humans are mostly on our own when it comes to that stuff.

In this post, we’ll cover two basic types of robots you can practice English with.

There are also options to learn English grammar and expand your vocabulary.

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You also get tested at the end of each grammar lesson.Mondly is a language learning solution with a web version and a mobile app.