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”.first message she received in her chat id, she was thinking “ this guy? juhi: No juhi: Was on fone Sam: I am M 32 currently in US juhi: Ok Sam: I am Samraat, sam in short juhi: Im 40 f india Sam: so what are your hobbies? Sam: i like golfing, sky-diving, para sailing and cars Sam: nah, i am free Sam: also a lot of chatting juhi: Ok At that moment…her Mother in law called. Juhi: Ya n in general Sam: I have a passion for cars Juhi: N chat Sam: I like chatting, on any subject Sam: Especially, spicy topics.. Juhi: Hmmm changes Sam: Ok, what’s your current one? Nothing catching my fancy right now Sam: Oh.Sam: You watch movies? Juhi: Romcoms Juhi: Uff u r busy again Sam: No sorry, just got another call Sam: I took off for office today Juhi: Busy man Juhi: Ok Juhi: What u do Sam: So I’ll get calls like this, don’t mind…. .another empty hitcher” The chat went like this Sam: thanks for accepting my invite, like to chat? She just disconnected and left to answer her MIL and the friendship started like this. bhul bhabben na se ar keu na amar bor, tao biyer por e. kom boyoshe biye hoy oi 16 tei onyer chodar patri hyeuthechilam.Until 4 hours ago she was a faithful wife, dutiful daughter-in-law and a respected orthodox woman in the neighborhood. She traveled back in the time couple of years ago in her mind and her memories started running in front of her eyes like a movie. “Hey this is Samraat (aka) Sam from San Francisco, interested to chat? Juhi: Normal chat that gradually gets more n more spicy Sam: Oooooh, wicked Sam: Nice Juhi: Hmmm Juhi: What u like Sam: Like in chat? Sam: No Sam: Just got a call Sam: The normal ones Juhi: Ok Juhi: Not all that often Sam: What kinda movies you like? bhalo ghorer sambandho dekhe ek 29 bochorer loker sathe biye diye dei.

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