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Fredrik surprises Millie by taking her out for lunch, and Binky receives a shock by bumping into her ex-boyfriend Simon whilst in France much to the disappointment of her friends.

Meanwhile Caggie decides to step back from Spencer, and Hugo ruffles feathers by setting her up with his friend CJ.

Agne announces her resignation after the fallout with Francis, and Ollie ends up getting a date whilst trying to set up Cheska.

Wanting to move on from Spencer for good, Caggie decides to move back to New York, but asks Millie to keep it a secret from the others.

Rosie tells Agne the truth about Francis and Fredrik both playing her leaving her angry with the boys, and Spencer initiates Plan B over Caggie by telling Millie his feelings for her have gone.

In a last desperate attempt to win her over, Spencer races to the airport to stop her getting on the plane but he’s too late.