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But 1977 changed everything, and the film became the first science fiction story to become a major movie franchise. If you really liked science fiction, it was easy to find the sci-fi hooks. In fact, a science fiction novelist from the 1940s, Leigh Brackett, actually wrote the first script of The Empire Strikes Back. It’s also obvious that George Lucas knows his science fiction history. Source: Goonan: From the moment the opening scene rolled, I was immersed – literally. The majestic sound track, one of the first to use a quadraphonic “surround sound” system, sounded better than movies had ever sounded before.

Star Wars explored these themes with Darth Vader and even Luke Skywalker, who loses an arm, gains a cyborg arm, starts dressing in black, and has to make tough decisions while being conditioned by his life as a warrior. We must discover something new about the characters and learn more about space, technology and science. He wonders if there are planets somewhere out there that resemble the ones imagined by George Lucas.Kepler has now discovered 10 planets that orbit binary star systems, whose possible inhabitants see a similar sight every day.

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