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16-May-2020 13:08

When eating as a guest in someone's house, don't be surprised when males and females separate to eat in different rooms even though they are related.As an extra note, smelling food is considered rude to the cook as is passing up food.For those travelling to Tanzania with a lover, public displays of affection are disapproved of.While visitors may spot people of the same gender walking down the street holding hands, this is just a sign of friendship, it is still frowned upon for members of different genders.Keep the quick smooches, hand holding and long hugs to a private space.It is also worth noting for members of the LBGT community that homosexuality is both taboo and illegal in the country.Providing that visitors aren't in Tanzania on business, how they dress will not be much of an issue.

Not only does at least making the effort to respect their customs show respect to the people, but it is the only way to truly understand a culture.It is best to go shopping with a local friend, or at least not push too hard when bargaining the price back down.It is not uncommon to be touched by a member of the same sex a number of times throughout a conversation.Depending on age, relationship and status, greetings in Tanzania can be a complicated affair.

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However, most westerners can get away with a simple hello and a handshake.

Visitors who offer out their hand first, should always use the right hand.