Gmail widget not updating

05-Apr-2020 03:21

Of course, that doesn't mean you should just start randomly tapping buttons.Use that power with intelligence and understanding.So that's what I'm going to give to you — in the form of 10 preventable newbie mistakes.Many users who migrate from the i OS platform expect Android to behave the same way. It will make and receive phone calls, check email, and view web pages.There are certain permissions that should be given only to certain apps. It's only going to drain your battery (and Android does that well enough by itself). Your Android device is not a dumping ground for cutesy apps of the day.

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If you're installing an app that will serve as a mirror and it requires permission to use your location and your email, don't install it! If you don't use Bluetooth for anything, why leave it on?The same can be said of shutting off Wi-Fi when it is not in use. Those unused apps take up precious space, and in some cases, they could be helping to drain your battery (even if they're unused).