Hack a dating site

08-Apr-2020 23:14

This dating website charges more than £50 per month to be able to see photos and to message people.That surely is because they are providing such smart service.I activated Charles SSL Proxy, and installed Charles SSL certificate on my i Phone but that just didn’t work, and the app could not connect anymore.Seems that they did a good job here in knowing that I am not using the proper SSL certificates and that I am performing a man in the middle attack.It’s then when I realised that the website was giving away free 20 credits to every new user as a promotional strategy.It was being sent to the server in plaintext, without any hashing being carried out as a method of error correction or any check for message integrity.I said, well if the i OS application is a bit hard to hack, let’s try the web application. I could almost see the same interface, same blurred faces, same inbox which I cannot read.On Chrome it is pretty easy to read the HTTPS requests, and so I did.

I didn’t carry out the payment ’cause I still needed to pay 20$ for the whole deal and to be true online dating never works and that would have been a waste of 20$.You ever have that feeling after your exams end up, where you are just hoping for something to happen to keep you occupied.