Hackers online dating

27-Mar-2020 15:13

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You ever have that feeling after your exams end up, where you are just hoping for something to happen to keep you occupied.

I mean during your exams you are super busy for two weeks or so and then suddenly you have nothing to do and are officially allowed to just chill. Being single and nothing to do, I very frequently find myself browsing through online dating websites.

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rabbit dating

This new approach to dating takes advantage of the power of data.

As soon as I saw this I tried to manipulate it, changing it to 20,000 from 20 credits.

I kept forwarding the packets one after the another to check if the change that I made was reversed back to its original value or did it remain the same.

Once you have those credits in your account then you can use it according to your wishes.

You can send messages but you still would have to pay again if you want to send something special like in-website cards, gifts and special emojis.But then I notice something interesting that made the hack possible.