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The company closed its factory in 1983 though the company exists to this day.

The name was licensed by American Music & Sound in 2004 and they plan to start producing guitars again by November.* Born in California and having grown up in Phoenix, Al Casey, as Vintage Guitar Magazine recently wrote, is one of the great unsung guitar heroes.

Hagstrom at that time used polyester lacquer finishes and I felt that the new finish should be the same.

I checked with Tracy Longo at Guitar Tech Corner, who you may remember from the pages about Bob Bain, and he suggested Lays Guitar Shop in Akron, Ohio to do the work so after contacting them I shipped it out.

They were even able to blend in the finish so that the repairs to the pickup routs are virtually invisible. I am a fairly new follower of your FB page, but a long-time Elvis fan, and I really enjoy your postings.

When I have the time I also like to go to the webpage to read the more comprehensive articles. I found this article about your Hagstrom Viking restoration a while ago, very interesting!

Manufactured only in 1967 and 68, only 1350 of this model, the Viking II, were said to have been produced.

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I had the Hagstrom in my instrument trunk and offered it." Hagstrom, a company from lvdalen, Sweden that primarily exported accordions since 1925 began building and exporting guitars in the 1950s, mainly to the USA.Viking Serial Number Examples: R04280008204010109C85472594 (You have a Sealed Burner Range if you can only remove the burner cap and burner, but not the burner bowl.) Open the Oven Door. If you do not see it there, remove the toe-kick grill (below Oven Door) and the label will be in the middle attached to the bottom frame. On newer units, after opening oven door, look up under the control face for the label.During the filming for the 1968 TV Special, "Elvis", a 1968 Red Hagstrom Viking II was borrowed for use by Elvis in several segments of the show including a stand up performance in front of a live crowd.The process took about 2 months and I have to say that I was more than satisfied with the result.

I had sent along a few photos of Elvis with the one from the NBC Special and they matched it much closer than my expectation.

He played on countless sessions with the likes of Dean Martin, Frank and Nancy Sinatra.

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