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Approaching her 53 at the time of the adoption, but was lucky enough to have the network fully support her new role as a mother.

“I feel extremely fortunate and grateful that I work for such a supportive company that offers a wonderful child-care facility, enabling me to spend a lot of time with my son while I’m working,” she said.

When she initially announced the adoption, she told ABC News, “I have always wanted to adopt a child and I am overjoyed that I have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy son.

I’m completely enchanted and awe-struck.” She added that she still hoped to give birth someday, and may adopt another child as well.

In the traumatic aftermath of his marriage break-up, Ford spent hours trawling clubs and bars, downing vodka and watching naked dancers.

His sudden taste for such pursuits was a contrast to his public image as a dignified and rather sombre family man.

Calista is an actress, best known for her roles in .

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We wouldn’t be too surprised if his lack of social media and overall online presence is kept to a minimum to protect his privacy, but we’d love to see pics of Liam Flockhart every now and then.Calista Flockhart’s son, Liam Flockhart, is now a full-fledged teenager and has grown up before our eyes.