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Painted vessels for serving and eating food are much less common.Painted pottery was affordable even by ordinary people, and a piece "decently decorated with about five or six figures cost about two or three days' wages".Within the restrictions of these techniques and other strong conventions, vase-painters achieved remarkable results, combining refinement and powerful expression.White ground technique allowed more freedom in depiction, but did not wear well and was mostly made for burial.From some point in the 1st century BC onwards "Greco-Roman" is used, or more local terms for the Eastern Greek world.

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The Geometric age is usually dated from about 1000 BC, although in reality little is known about art in Greece during the preceding 200 years, traditionally known as the Greek Dark Ages.The social context of Greek art included radical political developments and a great increase in prosperity; the equally impressive Greek achievements in philosophy, literature and other fields are well known.

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