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The Merrill set, in particular, have been known to stray.Relationships can be very intense, yet of relatively short duration. Barclays Capital These guys are pretty smart, and are usually quite happy to splash their cash, bearing in mind uncle Bob Diamond is always happy to dish out big bonuses each year-end.Be a little careful, however, especially with the bankers who came over from Lehman - some of those guys had a lot of their net worth invested in that firm, and aren't now as well off as you might expect.Citi Those Citi boys are really quite a decent lot. They are generally respectful and are into commitment. The only downside, however, is that they can be boringly conventional.That relationship went right past like a Japanese bullet train!Not to be too harsh on Halle, I looked into other Bond Girls to see if I could be mistaken.In my own MI6 way, I pulled out Ursula Andress‘ file! I’ve always thought all I had to do to get my own real life Bond, was to work on the abs and bring up the bum a little bit higher , find my moment by the sea somewhere and channel Ursula through!

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On screen she was the perfect 10 and forbidden fruit for Bond until the end!The downside is that your Commerzbank man might well prefer to be at Upton Park or Stamford Bridge, rather than at home having a romantic evening in with you. It might take you a little longer to reel them in, but it will be worth it.

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