Hirens updating kaspersky

21-Dec-2019 19:41

Here's how to fill out all of the fields in Rufus to create a MBR / UEFI bootable USB flash drive from a Linux Mint x64 ISO. Device: choose the USB flash drive you are using from the drop down menus.If you only have one USB drive plugged in, it will be the only one on the list. "MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI" OR "GPT partition scheme for UEFI" depending on the type of hard disk partitioning used on the system the USB drive will boot on.I run Kubuntu now but it caused me some major headaches setting up on one laptop.Don't like the UI at all and don't know what I'll try [email protected] Ok I got one for you on Linux Mint, I made the recovery disk, like you showed the other user, booted to Linux, looked around at some of the features, then logged off, it took me to a locked screen, and if I tried to re-enter back to the desktop, it asked me for my password??? I did see under accounts that their was a place to enter info for a user, everything was blank, no name, no pic, BUT under password, their were 5 ***** Even tho' I dual boot anyway I tried the live USB of Cinnamon Mint, logged out and after a while it timed out on the Lock screen and went back into Mint by itself. I just happened to notice tonight when I checked for updates, it said Updates are available and showed 67%.Also very top right is a small icon from where you can reboot, shutdown etc. After a bit, I checked back and it was obvious it was stuck and going no where fast.

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There is also a Rescue Boot disk on the Windows10 forum with many tools.

And honestly have only needed to use Hirens once, but it was a big help.