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John walks in to discover that Dave has somehow become pregnant and is near to giving birth.

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The concept of this meme is to alter Homestuck by removing a character from the narrative and rearranging events and dialogue to accommodate the absence. After Tumblr user Wariofan63 created a was a set of panels from Act 6 Intermission 2 having all characters present replaced with Dave, and the chatlogs altered accordingly.

Unlike Pantskat, these memes have not been referenced in canon.

The March image of the 2011 Homestuck calendar featured a crossdressing Eridan with pigtails and a small shirt.

God tier images used are credit to Andrew Hussie and zynchilada, with the exception of the Lord/Muse images which were made by me.

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The MS Paint Adventures fandom have produced a variety of memes, often in response to a particular event in Homestuck, or during long periods without updates. of Homestuck, where Karkat's clothing appears to merge into a single item, resembling an absurdly tall pair of trousers.Although the output of images somewhat dwindled with the ending of the hiatus that spawned the trend, production of them continues to the present, including coverage of more recent panels.