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26-Jul-2020 10:28

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If you sit there stern faced and never laugh or smile she won’t know how to react and will be very uncomfortable around you.Don’t try any fancy ‘game’ techniques you read about on PUA blogs or message boards.We will give a bit of info on each city that is recommended and there will also be links to longer write ups on each.But we are going to start with some general talk about meeting and dating Chinese girls.After mentioning all of the cities we will also talk about the best online dating site in China.It is always a numbers game after all, and there is no better way to rack up a lot of numbers then online dating.

The whole goal here is to make your sexy Chinese date realize you are a safe, non threatening, friendly guy as quick as as possible.

But thanks to some pretty big censorship in this country (they don’t even allow Google) it isn’t picking up as much steam here.