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16-Sep-2020 11:55

hen hotel staff broke into Bobbie Arnstein’s Los Angeles hotel room on January 19, 1975, they found the 34 year old dead and fully dressed, lying in bed.She had left a suicide note, written in her typical self-effacing style.The envelope read, “This is another one of those boring suicide notes.” As her last act, she had penned a letter taking sole responsibility for her death, and defending her employer, who she said “had been most patient and generous during my recent difficulties.” He was a “staunchly upright, rigorously moral man.” That employer was Hugh Hefner.And though she intended exactly the opposite, her suicide was the scandal that almost brought his cotton-tailed empire down.

“Are you taking it to a party or something, Miss Arnstein? She hung a “do not disturb” sign on her door and took a deadly mixture of sleeping pills, barbiturates, and tranquilizers.

On Saturday, January 18th, she had dinner with close friends.

She seemed optimistic about her future and told them it was unlikely that she would go to prison.

She refused the move because she didn’t want to live in a car-dependent city after her accident.

Around New Year’s, she did however go there on a trip with Hefner.Hefner would cite “the harassment of government prosecutors” after she was convicted of drug charges in what many believed was an attempt to take down , her closest friend would lament, “Bobbie killed Bobbie.”Arnstein grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, a bright and precocious girl who was extremely close to her twin brother.

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