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23-Nov-2019 13:08

Muleattos are a fraction of the black population which is a fraction of the US population.

If ALL American muleattos got together, they wouldn't make up more than 4 million people (that's a generous estimation).

According to your argumentation which seems to be in line with the right of the strongest rather than with justice blacks wouldn't need any protection because they don't contribute as much to the economy as Whites or other minority groups do. Plus, the rate of black intermarriage to whites is negligable and a majority of blacks marry other blacks. Creole Me Many countries as well as some places within the US have sustaining mulatto populations.

Also, are you to tell me that somehow a Nigerian Italian has the same culture as an Ethiopian German? Maybe bitch a little here and there on different msg boards? Blacks have their own problems, the last thing on their minds is "justice" for mules. In the US mulatto communities were partly torn apart after the 1930s due to the racist law known as the one-drop-rule.

There are also sensitive films on the issue, such as 'Imitation of Life.' Dogru144 30 July 2006 (UTC) In the United States, because of the "one-drop rule," a person with both African and European ancestry, regardless of how little the ratio of African blood — ½ White and ½ Black, or ¾ White and ¼ Black, or lower — will always be considered to be Black. Anyone want to defend "the one-drop rule" as something that exists? I thought the paragraph referred to present-day standards, simply because it is couched in the present tense.

Because of this, a person who may be considered Black in the United States could be considered White in Brazil. I didn't realize it was a historical rule, which should be quoted from rulings.

The best shot mules have is in nationalism; namely, proclaiming themselves proud to be Puerto Rican or Dominican and so forth. Also, black "culture" in the US is a subculture at best. They are BASPs.(Black Anglo Saxon Protestants) That's the main ingredient of their cultural tradition. The notion of "African-Americans" as an "ethnic group" simply had to be created because it is the only thing that can be used in order to justify ongoing seperatism from mainstream society."On the other hand, although the mule has the best characteristics of both the horse and the ass, their hybrid nature leaves them sterile. (probably from muwallad anyway) Actual meaning and ethymological origin are far from the same. For example, there are some 300 million people in the US.Fact is nobody thinks about mules or other animals when they see mulattoes and/or their families. These pseudoarguments are usually brought up by those who want to erase mulatto identity, ursurpate it because they have self-esteem issues, claim mulatto history for themselves and perpetuate a racist eugenist rule, simply because they suffer from inferiority complexes. A group of, say, 30,000 muleattos simply can't go to the government and ask for "protection" whereas 20 million mestizos can. Because they are an economic powerhouse and there is power in numbers - don't forget that Mexico has almost 90 million mestizos. Whenever they start yapping it's always about not wanting to be "black" then it stops there.Minority groups have to fight for their slice of the American pie.

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If you can get millions and millions of muleattos to back you, and march with you and hold protests with you and so forth, then you're game.Simply wanting the government to protect you cause you want to be seen seperate from "blacks" doesn't cut it.

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