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It may also refer to the dryness of the meat and theloss of juices. 54 To know when meate is rosted enough, for as too much rareness is vnwholsome, so too much drinesse is not nourishing. Without them, Sir, instead of beef or mutton, you might as well eat mahogany? But to some persons the term well done is associated with the degree of cookery, that is, theseparation of the muscle fibers due to formation of gelatin from the connective tissue. A7, Egges newly laid, are nutritiue to eat, And rosted Reere are easie to digest.1626 G. Ovid Baucis & Philemon in Fables 159 New-laid Eggs, which Baucis busie Care Turn'd by a gentle Fire, and roasted rear.†With participial adjectives, as rear-boiled, rear-brede (see brede v.1), rear-dressed, rear-poached, rear-roasted, etc. In the last quarter of the 20th century heat concerns regarding undercooked beef resulted fromsalmonell a poisoning to mad cow. 167 Coole endiffe, radish, new egs rosted reare, And late-prest cheese; which earthen dishes beare.1700 Dryden tr. Americans love affair with meat, especially beef, refects ancient heritage, old world cooking methods and modernscientific knowledge. The meat is chewy yet soft, so that chewing compresses it instead ofcutting through it. The texture of rawmeat is a kindk of slick, resistant mushiness.

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Renaissance European chefs resdiscovered and promoted this dictum.

Thermometer readings: Beef, rare, 140 degrees; medium, 160 degrees; well done, 170 degrees."---Joy of Cooking, Irma S. 201)[NOTE: this chart is not included in the original 1931 edition.][1939]Prudence Penny's Cookbook's chapter on cooking meat offers broiling chart (p.