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The songs that history will record as the last butt rock stripper anthems came forth shortly thereafter in a death rattle of trying-to: Buckcherry's "Crazy Bitch" (2005), Kid Rock's "So Hott" (2007), and Nickelback's "Shakin' Hands" (2008). In addition to being at the edge of a trend in subject matter, T-Pain's use of Auto-Tune marked/caused a huge increase in the program's use and an accompanying backlash against it, uniting Jay Z and Death Cab for Cutie in their public stands against vocal processing.

T-Pain is at least partly responsible for both , one of which used a lot of Auto-Tune and one of which called for its death.

"I'm 'n Luv" got an answer cover, an art rock tribute, and received the most indisputable acknowledgement of cultural impact a popular song can get: A "Weird Al" Yankovic parody.

Yankovic dresses like Gilligan to sing "I'm in Love With the Skipper" in concert.

It directly led to the rise of (and subsequent call for the death of) Auto-Tune, cemented the end of rock's reign over stripper anthems, and heralded a new, rich era of songs about the feelings and activities inspired by looking at naked women dance.

That's a lot to lay on one single, but the reaction it received bears out its impact.

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It resembles nothing so much as a strip club customer who goes on a tirade about how much he dislikes surgically augmented bodies even though he would not for one second stand for a woman who decided to leave her body hair in its authentic state.

Last year, T-Pain recorded the most popular Tiny Desk Concert in NPR history, accompanied by a lone keyboard player and joking that his Auto-Tune had been surgically inserted.