Importance of updating web content

02-Jul-2020 04:02

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Stunning product shots: One of Apple’s principle reasons for cutting back on superfluous graphics on their site is to really showcase what’s important: their products.Just look at the shots they use; it’s nearly impossible to look at a page on the Apple site and not have your eyes focus on the products for seconds on end.

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Keeping a Word Press site constantly upgraded helps to bridge security gaps as soon as possible, discouraging hacking attacks.Specifically the homepage, which simply shows off their most recent work and provides you with a few easily understood categories to help you get to the information you want to see.Several factors such as consistency, colours, photos and simplicity all contribute to a well designed site.Updates often address bug fixes from the previous version and security enhancements prevent sites from being exploited by hackers.

Since Word Press is open source, it benefits from a community of developers and security experts who are constantly testing every version of the software and properly reporting security fixes.

Never fall into the trap of saying “no one will notice” or “good enough.” It is often the margin of time spent on the tiniest details that separate the good websites from the great ones.