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15-Feb-2020 22:48

Get fit Don’t try just one fitness class, try lots and see who you meet along the way.The American sensation https:// made its way into Europe and allows you to try a variety of different fitness classes for one monthly membership fee.These groups include nonprofits, churches and university clubs.Joining a group means you get access to files, photos, newsletters, and event information shared within that group.Here are six websites and apps that can help you take the plunge and start making new friends who share your interests:“Find your people” is Meetup’s slogan, and the site delivers on this promise.

MEETin will help you meet new people in your town, whether you’ve just moved or want to stir up your social life.It’s free to create a Meetup account and join existing groups, but if you start your own meetup you’ll have to pay organizer dues.There are currently two pricing plans for organizers, with a third option coming soon.Try friend dating There are websites dedicated to platonic ‘friend dating’ such as https:// https:// Volunteer Find charity work that appeals to you and make a difference while meeting new people.

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In the same way you would use a dating site to meet a partner, you can find people in your area with similar interests and get to know in social situations and at special events. Your favourite charity will most likely have a section on their website explaining how you can get involved, or look for databases such as https:// https:// find volunteering opportunities around the world.

One downfall of Groupspaces is the way their pricing plans are set up.