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Benito Mussolini was the leader, or Commandant–General and First Honorary Corporal, of the Blackshirts, but executive functions were carried out by the Chief of Staff, equivalent to an army general.

The MVSN was formed in imitation of the ancient Roman army, as follows: The terms after the first are not words common to European armies (e.g., the Italian battaglione has cognates in many languages).

Each Legion had a MMG company with four platoons of three weapons each (plus two spare ones).

The Blackshirts replacements battalions were organized as the Blackshirts Rifle Battalions, but its platoon were overstrength (60 men each) and with only 1 x LMG in each platoon.

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These Gruppi consisted of two cohorts (each of three centuriae of three manipoli of two squadre each) plus Gruppo Supporto company of two heavy machine gun manipoli (with three HMG each) and two 81 mm mortar manipoli (with three Mortars each).

The Good Guy by Dean Koontz “Sometimes a mayfly skates across a pond, leaving a brief wake as thin as spider silk, and by staying low avoids the birds and bats that feed in flight.

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