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They’ve seen the devastating long-term consequences of war.

They’ve had to live with the fallout from the decisions of those who came before them—and those who still hold most of the power. Thousands of refugees fled to Dohuk when ISIS swept across Iraq and remain in refugee camps still today.

I asked him how he feels about the way his generation uses technology.

: We can use our mobiles not to just scroll down on Facebook or Twitter, on Instagram.

Another problem Bilal encountered was the financial costs of completing his marriage to Fatima and her father, along with the cost of preparing for the wedding, but he was able to overcome them with the help of friends and family to be married on 22 November 2018. Bilal's father, Mashhal Saleh, told Al-Jazeera Net: "I was surprised by Bilal's request to marry a Moroccan girl and I rejected his request in the first place." He explained his refusal that Bilal had a volatile temperament, as well as the difference of character between Morocco and Iraq and how Fatima would fit in a city like Mosul, which destroyed large parts of it.

When he spoke to Bilal on the phone, he began to change his mind and was convinced that the young man had been prepared to marry his daughter.

The oldest millennials have lived through 6 major wars.

They’ve experienced the fall of Saddam Hussein and the rise of ISIS.

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The story began in the summer of 2017, when Bilal told Al-Jazeera Net that after the removal of Mosul from the organization of the Islamic State traveled to Kirkuk (north of Baghdad) to complete his studies at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Mosul (alternative site).

Bilal asked Fatima to marry after graduating from the university in the summer of 2019, But he offered to speed up the request for marriage.