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12-Nov-2019 17:43

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His Tony Award speech has clearly emphasised the point.

It’s also true that after he met Julia in 2010 his life took an upward swing.

Success went to his head and most of it was played out on air for all to see.

As well as his conceited Bafta behaviour, he had an ugly award ceremony spat with Patrick Stewart, chatted up Lily Allen in front of the cameras and made some rather bad taste comments about a made-up sex life with Keira Knightley.

“I think most of all I was lonely,” he writes, reproaching himself for “brattish” behaviour and saying that while he had everything he thought he ever wanted he “couldn’t have been more miserable.”A t the time, he says, he was “heartbroken”.

But almost as soon as we all started hailing the jovial actor as the country’s greatest comic find he started behaving, as he later put it, “like an oaf”.

She pronounced it the best steak she’d ever had and even took a picture of it.

Ever since, Corden has raved about their relationship.

“To be on a list with you was enough,” he said, addressing the other actors in the audience.

His performance has been likened to Gwyneth Paltrow’s overwhelmingly gushy, weepy 1999 Oscar acceptance speech but actually Corden’s wasn’t an embarrassing, cringeworthy affair.They bought a house in London’s Primrose Hill and by September of that year, 2010, they announced they were expecting a baby.