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14-Jul-2020 11:40

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And the oil is there to reduce friction, which causes heat.

So if you leave your oil unchanged long enough, you're asking for trouble and a hot engine.

If left long enough, the entire engine will shut down, and you'll have to replace you're shortening the life of your car." data-reactid="25"Those who do keep up with regular oil changes will reap the rewards for their car and wallet.

If you’re one of those people – like me — who puts off getting your vehicle’s oil changed, here’s a story that’ll scare you straight.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Faith Kropiewnicki of Glen Lyon, who said in 2013 she and her husband, Robert, had bought two brand-new Kias, a 2012 Sportage and a 2013 Sorento.

It costs more, but mechanics know you'll get more miles between changes.

Over time, the chemical structures in the oil break down and make it a less effective lubricant, according to Mc Kenzie.

One of the 7 ways you're wasting money on your car is assuming all vehicles are created equal.