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Within those celebrities who have done the challenge, the person who nominated Mizuhara was G-Dragon, a member of the K-POP group Big Bang who are also popular in Japan.Up until 10 PM of the 25 of August, one video was visible on G-Dragon’s private account on Instagram.Dispatch caught the two last weekend hanging out at a Gangnam lounge party with their friends, and hanging out in this case clearly means “being boyfriend and girlfriend” based on all the backhugging, cuddling, smiling, face stroking pictures snapped by the tabloid.G-Dragon’s agency I like G-Dragon as a musician and could care less about his personal life dating choice, but I did find this batch of Dispatch pictures worth posting about because of how clear all the pictures are., when Yoona‘s character was still a entertainment tabloid reporter, she would lurk in dark places where the celebs were hanging out to snap surreptitious pictures and have funny encounters.The reporters at might hate that glamorization of their jobs which in reality involves squatting in the dark for hours waiting for the money moment when a celeb pops into view.

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Things have been weird for the last year after rumors that Mao and Jun would get married in early 2016 after she finished her Taiga dorama came and went, and recently there were tabloid reports claiming Jun had been cheating on Mao for a few years with AV actress Tsukasa Aoi.

The long swirling marriage rumors of most likely dating top J-stars Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao has turned into one of those “I’ll see it when I believe it” stories that pop up at least once a year with an update.

If these two didn’t fall for each other playing the leads in iconic manga turned J-dorama adaptation of (Boys Before Flowers) then folks wouldn’t care as much.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a charity cause being carried out to gain more attention the disease called ALS.

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The person who is nominated must either pour ice water over their head, donate 0 or do both. In the Japanese entertainment world, the singer Hamasaki Ayumi, kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizou, AKB48’s Watanabe Mayu and other celebrities have done the challenge and heroically covered themselves with ice water.

When there was an uproar on the internet, his account was then deleted.“The theory of G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko’s passionate love started to resurface on the internet in August of 2010.

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