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School teacher with a running gag that he is the substitute teacher of practically every subject at Middleton High, even subjects he is not particularly familiar with, with Ron once even asking if the school had any other teachers since he appears to be the only teacher there. He works at "Smarty Mart," was the football coach, spent two years of his senior year in high school, and is the son of Franklin Barkin, who bore a strong resemblance to Benjamin Franklin.He frequently chaperones at field trips and school events. He is also revealed to have served in a war (presumably the Vietnam War), where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant.Rufus is largely anthropomorphic, in that he can stand upright, and is able to see clearly.Rufus is capable of understanding English and of abbreviated speech.During the show, Kim and Ron progress through the high school, starting in tenth grade in the pilot episode Crush and ending with the graduation party in the final episode Graduation.This is a list of characters appearing in the animated series Kim Possible.

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This has led to the disappointment of many fans who have sought a pet naked mole rat and have found that not only are they unable to be pets, but look and act very little like Rufus in real life.Amelia is a minor character mostly seen in the first season of the series.Believed to have graduated from Middleton High by season 2, and implied to be the school's unofficial "beauty queen" until then.Wade is a ten-year-old genius in the beginning (but now twelve in the final season) who runs Kim Possible's website, supplies her with her various gadgets, gives Kim her missions through her "Kimmunicator", arranges transportation for her, and even went on missions with Kim on rare occasions In the end, he learned his lesson and quickly recovered from his minor heartbreak as he gets a crush on a genius girl named Olivia sitting in Bueno Nacho, but it was clear that this didn't work out, as she had created a love ray herself, much to Wade's chagrin. For the first two seasons, and most of the third season, Wade is never seen outside of his room, until the episode "Team Impossible," after Team Impossible overloaded his computer system with a power spike, he personally arrived on scene, and vented on the three members of the team.

In the fourth season, Wade ventured out of his room to give Kim new inventions, and on at least one occasion, to return Kim's battle suit to her, after repairs, and upgrades were made to it.

Monique also likes to talk in acronyms, such as "NBF" (new best friend) and "GF" (girlfriend).