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05-Nov-2019 22:48

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I guess if you had a narrow rim it could theoretically be more likely for inside of the tyre contacting the ground to push the outside causing burping.

The thing is, guys at HN say you can run the pressures you want.

Do you know of retailers that are trying to clear their inventory a half year before the next years parts arrive?

The A727 Chrystler transmission, when it released in 1956 it was sold at 0.

I suppose my comment was not totally appropriate to the comment I replied to.

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I am suggesting that the actual brands that set these "suggested" retail prices are not going to redistribute savings to the customer.

I reckon it helps and a bit work testing with diameters and cutting to different shapes etc will only make it better. and due to the inner tire it actually handled just fine at sub 15 psi. The introduction period on every part I've ever wanted to buy was pricey until consumers and retailers started buying in.

I must say this though and it applies to the huck norris, it might prevent dints to the rim but it will more likely cause flat spot. Just look it up youtube ghetto procore @Rasterman: Exactly But no PB "review" ever documented anything of any use. Like when Kashmoney RF parts were released they were spendy!

I guess Huck Norris is a Godsend for folks running lightweight XC tyres with small knobbs on their short travel bikes that don't allow you to go fast anyways.

@acali: I weigh 170-176 pounds fully kitted for regular riding. But with Double Down casing I would go to 26-28PSI.I have Huck Norris in my rear tyre and so far I made 3 flat worthy boinks. I did find it rather hard to insert into the Minion on DT EX471 and I did need the compressor/ Bontrager charger pump to inflate it.

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