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20-May-2020 19:50

Peter Facinelli, who plays Pattinson’s vampire dad in the “Twilight” series, told us: “I love to hear Rob sing. Sometimes we all get together and he gets on the guitar and starts playing and singing.

He writes his own material.” He added, “Kristen has taken up the guitar for the movie she’s doing [on Joan Jett].

And way back in April, I wrote this little gem about whether R-Pattz was trying to sleep with both Kristen and Nikki Reed while working on New Moon: “He’s probably trying to get in K-Stew’s pants as well. It seems like she’s playing him as much as Pattz is trying to be a player.

And I totally believe that Pattz is the kind of guy who would ignore the girl he’s really sleeping with (Nikki) because the girl he wants to sleep with (K-Stew) comes in the room.” R-Pattz later denied the reports that he and K-Stew were hooking up, which I interpreted as “K-Stew hasn’t given it up yet.” Now, for the confirmation.

True, this is a quote by an unnamed source to that “Robert is obsessed with Kristen and has been for a while.” Aha!

It’s like my favorite story in the world: hot British guy meets snotty American girl, British guy follows girl around like a lost puppy, boy grovels, girl makes him beg for it, boy gets obsessed, girl eventually has boy right where she wanted him.

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And, if you are wondering about if Miley Cyrus, the person who plays Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana is related to Kristen Stewart…

The actress — who has been dating fellow actor Michael Arangano for the past four years — is apparently beginning to fall for her hunky newspaper. “Kristen never saw Rob as anything but a friend, but that seems to be changing.” Stewart and Pattinson also share a love of music.

They both play the guitar, with Pattinson even contributing a song to the series. Sometimes we all get together and he gets on the guitar and starts playing and singing. “Kristen has taken up the guitar for the movie she’s doing [on Joan Jett].

They sadly broke up around the filming of New Moon.

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Rumors have it that Michael was fed up with the circulating rumors regarding the "romance" between Kristen…Nobody could pronounce my last name, so my Spanish teacher gave me the name Angie, and everyone on the soccer team would all me Ango, which I hate.

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