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During a basketball practice, Kyle did an amazing slam dunk.Declan attempted to match it with another special move, but hurt his ankle for a second time and worse. During the championship game, Declan injured the same ankle again with minutes remaining.The next morning, Kern's research assistant, Anna Manfredi, lets them look through the work that the young man in the photo did when he attended the University.As they browsed, Declan tells Lori he is upset that she slept with the other boy that night.He was dubious about Kyle's weather predictions too, until Kyle pushed them all back into the house as a lightning bolt struck.

Declan told them that he was going to the University of Washington over the weekend.Lori told him that she only slept in his room after talking most of the night.Kyle finds a paper including a location in the woods near the University.Kyle realized he could listen to conversations from far away.

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He knew he could use this to spy on Foss, and asked Declan to help.He was charming at their breakfast and began to gain the Tragers' respect.