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Doha, the capital, houses more than 80 percent of the population.

Its parks, promenade, and award-winning waterfront architecture are considered as the centerpiece of Doha.

However, agreement could not be reached on the terms of federation, and Qatar adopted a constitution declaring independence in 1971.

The constitution states that the ruler will always be chosen from the Al-Thani family and will be assisted by a council of ministers and a consultative council.

The foreign workers, mostly from India and Pakistan, cannot obtain citizenship and reside in the country on temporary visas. The adjective khaleeji ("of the Gulf") that is used to describe the local dialect also distinguishes citizens of the six Gulf States from north African and Levantine Arabs.

Farsi, the official language of Iran, is also widely spoken by families that trace their descent from that country.

The Al-Thai, the current ruling family, established themselves after years of contention with the Al-Khalifa, who still held claims to the Qatar peninsula through most of the nineteenth century.

In 1867, Britain recognized Mohammad bin Thani as the representative of the Qatari people.

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Because male foreign laborers come without their families, there is an imbalance of males and females in the total population. The Qatari dialect of Arabic is similar to the version spoken in the other Gulf States and is called Arabic.

The Bedouin trace their descent from the nomads of the Arabian Peninsula. While some Hadar are descendants of Bedouin, most descend from migrants from present-day Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and occasionally are referred to as lrani-Qataris.

Alabd , which literally means "slaves," are the descendants of slaves brought from east Africa.

The consultative council was never elected; instead, there is an advisory council appointed by the ruler.

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Despite periodic protests against the concentration of power and occasional disputes within the ruling family, the Al-Thani's size, wealth, and policies have maintained a stable regime.

A few years later, Qasim Al-Thani (Mohammad's son) accepted the title of governor from the Ottoman Turks, who were trying to establish authority in the region.

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