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12-Nov-2020 04:31

When singles whinge about their situation and stand in corners looking glum, no fellow singleton (who is sober) is going to waltz up and ask to buy them a drink. Because we're attracted to people who smile, laugh and are confident in their own skin.So stand in the middle of the room, dance by yourself, look in control of your life (especially if you feel you're not) and I guarantee your luck will start to change...I see too many people sitting there complaining, yet no one seems to be 'doing' anything ..." He continued: "Is drinking every weekend really the way to meet someone?THIS NEWSLETTER IS OFFERED AS A FREE SERVICE BY RION WILLIAMS, MODELMAGNET. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE SUBSCRIBING OR REMOVING, YOU MAY CONTACT US AT [email protected] BY ENTERING THIS WEBSITE, YOU AGREE THAT YOU WISH TO BE SUBSCRIBED TO THIS NEWSLETTER, AND THAT YOU WILL MAKE NO THREATS, AND TAKE NO ADDITIONAL ACTION AGAINST RION WILLIAMS OR MODELMAGNET. COM IN THE EVENT YOU ARE UNHAPPY THAT YOU SUBSCRIBED OR ARE NOT ABLE TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THIS FREE MAILING LIST, AND YOU AGREE THAT THE SMALL INCONVENIENCE OF RECEIVING THIS UNWANTED NEWSLETTER WILL CAUSE YOU NO PERSONAL, EMOTIONAL, OR FINANCIAL HARM WHATSOEVER.YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE OPTED-IN TO RECEIVE OUR NEWSLETTER BY PROVIDING YOUR FIRST NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS ON OUR WEBSITE.Stop trawling bars Walking around a crowded bar with the stench of spilt beer and too many cigarettes is enough to turn anyone off before they've even set eyes on your new pair of jeans and shiny white shoes.

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In response to the topic, there was a comment from a Sydney reader that posed this question: "Perhaps you should do a blog on 'How to Improve your Life and Become more attractive to the opposite sex'.

I'd like to improve my chances of attracting someone." So here it is.

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