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03-Jan-2020 12:06

(There are even subtle exceptions concerning SUM I am told.) Libre Office crashes creating a macro button. Lib O-BASIC and all the api (in specific uno) of Libre Office are not parts of odf specifications anyway.MS will surely never support Libre Office BASIC, api, uno.Tx for helping - Dave To get prompted for updating the links you only need to open the spreadsheet document containing the links.The source document will then be processed in the background to get the data.I looked at Edit / Links and although the Manual button in both spreadsheets is checked - both the Automatic and Manual buttons are greyed out.

(Editing 2 with respect to recent comments to the question:) OQ may want to test with my example. I had to fake the extension to be allowed to upload. I saved my spreadsheets in Microsoft format (xlsx) and not the ods format.But there are times you may find that the Excel Formulas are not updating automatically.It can be very frustrating when your formulas are not updating automatically on Excel.It worked for me as I described it under Win 10 with Lib O V5.3.3.2 Calc.

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A few seconds ago I tested again with Lib O V5.3.4.2 and the update also worked from the open source document not yet saved back to the file.

1] Calculation is configured to “Manual” This is one of the most common reasons and the first check that you need to perform.

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