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It was hard to grow up as a Westie and go to a private school.

An hour and a half one way, each day, of walking, bus, train, bus and walking all in your little blue cap and long knee shorts. A mark for every embittered Public School boy in his gang. We were at the perimeter of society’s cultured bounds.

Shacker Shanties were over run and we made our flight further west, to Blacktown, The Druit, Campbelltown, the foot of The Mountains at Penrith or even further up it’s ranges or down into its gorges. The plumbers, the Sparkies, the Chippies, the labourers, the Builders, the mainstays.

If you can’t get a lawyer the world won’t end but if your toilet’s blocked civilisation itself comes crashing down!

, What’s Worse: Anti-Semitism or Racism and Is it a Choice I have to Make?

, Why I Don’t Care And What I’d Like to Do About It, Pedophilia: It’s Not Just Catholic Priests, Violence In the Name of Love, Fascism: Seems Alright to Me, to name just a few.

Here in Melbourne, there seems to be a widely held belief that only bogans go to Bali. Bali is a small island, but it is perhaps bigger than people realise.

For my non Australian readers, a bogan is:(an) “Australian term used to describe members of society that are a combination of what the Yanks call Rednecks, Jocks and Trailer Park Trash. It is about 5700 square kilometers and has a population of 3-4.5 million (google gave me lots of answers! It is a popular holiday destination, but it is also easy to get away from other tourists. For the people who like to take it easy, there are many many resorts.

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There’s many topics floating through my head on the long solitary toll road to various destinations, being: The Lunacy and Rort that is The National Broadband Network, Vo IP, SIP & Skype: Totems of an Insane World, Darwin and Dawkins: Two Peas not of the Same Pod, Just How Much Do I Hate Economists, Especially Ross Gittens?I actually can’t even think of anyone else I know who lives in Melbourne and has been to Bali! It is also possible to get one bedroom villas with their own private pools for no more than you’d pay for a hotel room here in Melbourne. The most popular, at Kuta and neighbouring Legian, is a great place to go even if you don’t like the beach, like me.