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The strange gentleman merely measured my person with a sullen and superciliou C eye, and continued to pore over a tattered volume which lay before him.

There was little, moreover, in the scenery which imme- diately surrounded me that could furnish sufficient employ^ ment to keep off the demon of ennui^ daring the slow and creeping progress of the glassy tide.

A black-looking coon* tiy, covered as far as my eye could reach, all round the qpadous bay, with numerous turf-yards and farm-houses of ^ehnmblest description, possessing wildness withoat graa- deor, and tameness withoat beauty— -destitute even cf the least partides of foliage — however amusing it might appetff to the traveller from its novelty, would afford a poor Bobe- fi Mr the pencil of the draughtsman ; and, modestly oal U lag to Diiad ho' Near the window, which looked on the bay, sat a respect- able looking, middle-aged woman, of a gentle, pleasing oountenance, which still retained all the elements of beauty, although the weeds of widowhood, which the possessor wore, and the pale cheek and sobered glance which harmonized with them so sweetly, yet so moumfullj, showed that the days had gone by when she valued the endowment.

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