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The next morning, however, she fled for the Continent.She returned in autumn 1785 on the condition that a religiously valid (though secret) marriage would take place, which it did in December when a Church of England priest was bribed to conduct it.Although Prinny showed proper concern at first, his hopes to become Prince Regent and bring the Whigs to power soon overrode his other feelings, and he eagerly allowed himself to be drawn into the plotting for a Regency government.He and his friend Fox were, however, out-foxed by William Pitt the Younger and the Tories, who introduced a Regency Bill that sharply limited Prinny’s prerogatives.

By 1786, Prinny’s debts for Carlton House refurbishment, stables, gambling, entertainment, tailoring, and Mrs. The problems with translating monetary values from that era to ours are well known, but Mr.

Although Caroline was a daughter of George III’s older sister, she and Prinny had never met. By the wedding on 8 April, Prinny was so intoxicated he had to be supported upright. Their estrangement soon became so obvious, however, that Caroline was permitted to set up a separate residence near Greenwich in 1797. [S]he flirted outrageously, and was reputed to have a habit of leaving a dinner party with one of the male guests, taking him off to a private room, and not reappearing for several hours” (Robins 25).

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