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20-Oct-2020 04:22

When a couple commits to the boyfriend, as a couple, the boyfriend feels more comfortable making a commitment to them.

By commitments, I mean acts and practices which help form a bond and trust between the couple and their boyfriend (bull) which formally recognize each person’s role and needs within the relationship.

Once the couple and their bull are past the first stage jitters and the hotwife becomes comfortable with her bull, she may pull back a bit.

Wives are often the ones most afraid of establishing emotional bonds with someone they have started dating (even though such bonds already exist at that point) and may artificially limit the frequency of meetings out of false concerns for creating a deeper bond with their bull and thereby making him a boyfriend.

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A random or seldom-dated ‘date’ will have none of that investment and will view the wife as a disposable moment of enjoyment where he is free to be selfish as there are little consequences to his actions or lack thereof.

Within the lifestyle, a bull is a guy who has a sexual role (and nothing more) for a couple.

A bull who takes on a leadership role with the wife (D/s) is technically her Dom and should eventually be a Dom for both husband and wife to varying degrees.

The cuckold may be quite conflicted about seeing you dressing without panties for your bull or trimming and shaving your sex as he prefers, or knowing that you look forward to having your bull’s cock in your mouth while his has never known that pleasure, but he’s also going to be very excited by it because he’s fully aware of it.

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The behaviors referred to above are some examples of small commitments made by the wife to affirm the bull’s role in their marriage.Other times it’s the nature of commitments asked for and exchanged that escalate the nature of his role and the intensity of the couple’s experience.

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