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30-Jun-2020 14:28

You’ll then go through the usual account setup screens–privacy policy, sign-in and security preferences, personalization, Kinect setup (if you have a Kinect), and Xbox Live Gold setup.You may want to lock your Xbox profile with a PIN for more security.You’ll see the “Ask Your Parent to sign in” screen if you’re signing in with an underage account.Select “I’m an adult.” You’ll then need to select your parent account and provide its password to finish adding the underage user.Unlike on a Play Station 4, there’s no way to set console-wide parental controls.Note that Microsoft accounts are always treated as adult accounts if they’re 18 years or older (20 in Japan and South Korea).This uses the game, movie, TV, music, and app age ratings.

If your child wants to access restricted content in the future, a “Choose who will give permission” screen will appear.For example, you can control who can see when the account is online, what it’s watching or listening to, its Xbox profile, the history of games played and apps used, and what videos the account has watched.The “Access to Content” screen allows you to control which games, media, and apps an account can play.You can also choose to remove the user account from your Xbox One or family group from here.

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The “Privacy & Online Safety” screen allows you to customize privacy and online settings.The “Web Filtering” screen allows you to set up web filtering features.