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24-Nov-2019 00:24

“It’s not as fast as I’d like to see it evolve, but it is evolving.” Wynn says it is crucial for law enforcement to be trained in dealing with victims of assault or abuse for a variety of reasons.Without proper training, victims may not feel comfortable talking to police, cases may be closed earlier than they should and victims may never find the courage to leave their abusers.Social Supports for Homeless Mothers, 14, 26; Inst. The Hidden Migration: Why New York City Shelters are Overflowing with Families; Homes for the Homeless and Inst. Ten Cities 1997-1998: A Snapshot of Family Homelessness Across America, 3.A Florida study examining the experience of violence among 800 homeless women found that a significant number of women were victimized in their lifetime, and almost one-quarter of the women indicated that violence was one, if not the main reason they were homeless.Some examples of what not to do while speaking with a victim include: “They’re not talking about the sexual assault because they haven’t trusted us,” he said.In 2014, FVPSA grantees reported 196,467 unmet requests for shelter—a 13% increase over those reported in 2010.“We [law enforcement] are the gatekeepers, and that gate has got to stay open for the victim to walk through.” Non-verbal communication should be considered when speaking with anyone, but especially when speaking with a victim of abuse.“Because of their experience, victims learn to read people,” Wynn said.

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Pathways to and from Homelessness: Women and Children in Chicago Shelters, 3; Nat’l Center for Homelessness & Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network (2003).

According to Wynn, the average number of domestic violence training for any officer is around 12 hours.