Malwarebytes not auto updating

05-Jun-2020 10:07

Unlike most software, but like the typical security software package, your purchase of Malwarebytes anti-malware or Malwarebytes anti-exploit is actually a subscription - what's called "Saa S" (software as a service).This means that once your subscription expires, the software reverts to its basic, free functionality.SANS ISC handler Xavier Mertens has flagged and analyzed a malicious Word file that, somehow, is made to automatically download an additional malicious RTF file, ultimately leading to a RAT infection.What is curious about this particular attack is that it uses an approach that Mertens has never encountered before: the file exploits a Microsoft Word feature that can make files automatically update links included in them as soon as they are opened.“There is no doubt threat actors will keep on coming up with various twists to abuse the human element.” Perhaps these latest attacks are an evolution of that one?In all the cases, though, it’s pretty obvious that the attackers are targeting companies, and that their ultimate goal is to get their hands on information that will allow them to steal money from the victims’ accounts.When you bought one of those products, you should have received a confirmation email, whose subject line is "Malwarebytes Renewal Notice".Find it in the inbox of the email account you typically use for online purchases.

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The fact that it does not need a macro is novel and triggers on mouse activity is a clever move,” Malwarebytes researcher Jérôme Segura noted at the time.“The infection vector was classic: The document (‘N_Order#with 5 random numbers) was received as an attachment and has a VT score of 12/59 this morning.The file has an embedded link to another document which is a malicious RTF file that tries to exploit the CVE 2017-0199,” Mertens discovered.If you can't find it, contact Cleverbridge, which handles online payments for Malwarebytes.

Otherwise, open that email: at the bottom of the message, you'll see a "If you would like to manage your subscription, click here" sentence.Click on that last link to open a new browser tab on Malwarebytes' website.