Mame os x updating game list Livesexcamchat

30-May-2020 19:25

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Right click it, and select "Audit" After a short scan, mame will tell you if the game has passed the audition or not. if not, then either there are files missing from the game, which means it wont play properly or not at all.

)Safari Club (Mdm) (MPU4)Safari Rally (Japan)Safari Rally (World)Safe Cracker (0.91)Safe Cracker (1.4)Safe Cracker (1.7)Safe Cracker (1.7N)Safe Cracker (1.8 alternate sound)Safe Cracker (1.8)Safe Cracker (1.8N)Safe Cracker Club (Mdm) (v4.4) (Scorpion 2/3)Safe Money (Konami Endeavour)Sagaia (dual screen) (World)Sage IISai Yu Gou Ma Roku (Japan bootleg 1)Sai Yu Gou Ma Roku (Japan bootleg 2)Sai Yu Gou Ma Roku (Japan)Saigo no Nindou (Japan)Saint Dragon (bootleg)Saint Dragon (set 1)Saint Dragon (set 2)Sakura Taisen - Hanagumi Taisen Columns (J 971007 V1.010)Salamander (version D)Salamander (version J)Salamander 2 (ver AAB)Salamander 2 (ver JAA)Salary Man Champ (GCA18 VER.