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05-Dec-2019 21:23

This has become an even greater priority due to recent changes in the law making any runoff illegal and subject to fines.

I think the second best practice is basically the cultural stuff; and that is greater emphasis on installing low-water-use plant material on all properties going forward, and on some retrofits.

Q: What steps have you taken to address water efficiency?

Collins: Since Irvine Company was founded-and we were originally an agricultural company, and we've been in business for more than 150 years--we've been thoughtful stewards of some of the most valuable land anywhere, conserving and reusing water by all means available.

We use smart controllers-we currently have more than 470 Weather TRAK controllers just in office properties alone.

We've converted to low-flow sprinklers in turf areas, this helps the soil to absorb the water instead of running off onto the hardscape.

I never bought into the high-efficiency (HE) concept, and in fact I have always despised the newfangled front-loader design.

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His insights from the "Outsmarting the Drought" series are as follows; Q: What has changed for you and the Irvine Company since the governor's executive order mandating water reduction? Prior to this, the water reductions have pretty much been voluntary.

by Karen De Coster Recently by Karen De Coster: We Should Do What the Government Says Is Good for Us Many folks never stop to think about the impact that government mandates have on every single facet of their daily lives.

Take just one example, and that is the interminable string of decrees on the part of the governmental-environmental-green complex and the ensuing repercussions on the lives of individuals.

Until November 2009, I still had my mother’s old machines that were 20-ish years old, and they worked great, for years, before they both began to slowly poop out.

When the dryer ceased to dry in one cycle, and the agitator on my washing machine began to puncture numerous holes in my clothes, it was time to get new appliances.

The Water Efficiency Management Plan allows customers to: Get Funding Organisations may wish to tap on PUB’s Water Efficiency Fund to assist in the implementation of water efficiency projects if they are able to meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant type of project.

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